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The Adventure of the Blue Canyon

A wondrous journey of creation. That is the best way to describe the road traveled by the founders of the Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern

Robert Voelker, a seasoned hotel veteran and developer, had the desire to create a project that complimented his core business, but would be a bold move in a new direction. Alone with his brother and partner Val Voelker, another hospitality specialist, they set out to create their very own destination restaurant.

Enter celebrated chef Brandt Evans. A friend of the Voelkers, Evans had received quite a popular reputation for his self-described "Ozark-Asian-funk" cuisine made famous at Kosta's, a Tremont hot spot. In search of his own fresh challenge, Evans was a natural partner for this exciting new adventure.

And an adventure it was.

Over the next 18 months, the partners visited over 300 restaurants throughout the country. Their travels also took them to some of the nation's finest lodges, from the Ahwahnee at Yosemite to El Tovar at the Grand Canyon. Notes scurried on napkins and menus. Plans drawn up, revised and tossed aside for bigger, better versions. The culmination of years of individual vision, technique and wisdom.

The result of their travels is now this opportunity - to present to you the Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern.

Now you can give yourself over to their dream of a dining vacation destination. Dining that is both an adventure and an escape. Above all, dining that is creative American cooking at its finest.

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